Amazon Kinesis

Client: Akindo Sushiro
Amazon Kinesis

Amazon Kinesis helps you collect, process and analyse real-time streaming data. This data enables you to obtain timely insights and react promptly to new information.

Classmethod has been utilising Kinesis to handle large amounts of streaming data for IoT and Gaming Analysis, which a relational database management system (RDBMS) cannot always handle. We also provide serverless architecture which combines S3, Lambda, API Gateway etc., in order to offer a highly elastic and cost-effective framework.

Implementing AWS to Rotating Sushi Restaurants for Scalable and Flexible Services

Akindo Sushiro is one of the top rotating sushi chain-restaurants in Japan with more than 450 stores (as of July 2017). At Sushiro, Contactless IC tags are attached to every single sushi plate, allowing them to track those sushi plates on the lanes. This tracking system makes it possible to manage sales and to estimate the demand for each restaurant.

By utilising Amazon Kinesis, all the data which comes from the rotating sushi plates are being transferred to the cloud in real-time. By incorporating Amazon Kinesis, Akindo Sushiro was able to understand not only sales in each restaurant, but also customer information and restaurant operations in real-time.

Furthermore, by storing data received by Kinesis into Amazon Redshift, it became easier to conduct streaming analysis on rotating sushi plates. It took only a month for Classmethod to plan and build this architecture and have it ready for the client to use in the restaurants.

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