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Compatibility of New Technology and Stable Operation in WordPress

The Okamura Corporation started their company in Okamura, Yokohama. The Company was founded in 1946, and has since grew. They have earned national recognition as a company that provides high quality workplace equipment. They are also known as the company that supplies products for famous commercial facilities such as the Kabukiza Theatre, and the Odakyu Romancecar.

Development and Operation of Websites on AWS

The Okamura Corporation puts a strong emphasis on upholding the “Work-style reform”, a legislative commitment by the Japanese government which promises to improve working conditions, and establish a legal cap on overtime hours. To demonstrate their dedication to the “Work-style reform”, the Okamura Corporation wrote a manifesto in 2016 know as “WORK MILL”. The word “MILL” has dual meanings, one being that they “MILL” all their new co-creation aspects to meet good working conditions, and the other being “MIRU” (mean-ing to “see” in Japanese) from the most current viewpoints.

The WORK MILL website was built and operated on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The agility and scalability provided by AWS was necessary in order for the WORK MILL website to run. Okamura wanted their site to be globally ac-cessible despite starting it with a limited need for certain services. They did this in order to control the site’s initial costs.

When the WORK MILL site was first launched it was very successful, however the company that was first in charge of developing and running the site, although they had excellent development skills, they lacked necessary operational expertise. Okamura therefore entrusted Classmethod with the ad-vancement of their WORK MILL website.

How Classmethod Applied Their Knowledge to This Case

Okamura used WordPress as their Content Management System (CMS) for the WORK MILL site. This was problematic however due to long upload times whenever someone wished to update the site, or add content. This problem occurred regularly whenever multiple editors worked on the site simultaneously. The Okamura Company therefore asked Classmethod to update and optimize the AWS system that “WORK MILL” was operating on.

Classmethod suggested for Okamura to incorporate KUSANAGI with WordPress for a more comfortable, faster and efficient CMS environment.

They also proposed adopting Backlog as a project management tool, taking into consideration Okamura’s dedication to work-style reform.

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