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Wire and Wireless
Deployed Service: AWS CloudFormation

“AWS CloudFormation provides a common language for you to describe and provision all the infrastructure resources in your cloud environment.”

Support of DevOps Technical Skill with Automation of AWS

Wire and Wireless Co., Ltd. (Wi2) provides public Wi-Fi as a part of KDDI Group, a large Japanese telecommunication company.

Classmethod assisted Wi2 in building the cloud-native environment on Amazon Web Service (AWS) by providing DevOps skill support. Wi2 joined our AWS total support service “Classmethod Members” to benefit from our support, and receive discounts on AWS usages. After they joined the service, we voluntarily offered them ideas and suggested ways in which they could reduce costs such as utilizing reserved instances, and our payment agent service.

We received praises from Wi2 stating that:
“Thanks to Classmethod, our operation with AWS became much smoother. We also managed to cut some workload which used to take a much longer time, such as applying to increase the service limit. We regard working with Classmethod as a great advantage for our developers and operators.”

Classmethod’s Technical Support with DevOps

We supported Wi2 in the releasing of new systems, and in improving overall efficiency by automating their system. We also assisted them in reengineering their operations by adopting scalable AWS services.

A Wi2 spokesperson gave the following remarks:

“We were impressed by the prompt responses from the Classmethod engineers, like the responses such as on Backlog. They conducted significant tests to see how it would be possible to utilize AWS deployment tools properly, and whether it is possible to deploy on AWS as we planned. This helped accelerate the building process. Moreover, they remotely instructed us step by step, so we could understand the steps well.”

To configure the infrastructure automatically, we encoded the infrastructure and adopted Immutable Infrastructure. For the AWS layer, we automated the configuration by AWS CloudFormation. For the OS layer, we chose Ansible and Packer, and also supported Wi2 to auto-create Golden AMI.

As for the applications, we supported Blue-Green deployment, thus making failback of the release safer. To deploy them, we obtained the source code from Git and adopted CodeDeploy to automate from the onset of building to deployment.

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