Classmethod Leadership Principles (CLP)

Classmethod Leadership Principles (CLP) are our core values and guiding principles. These principles are at the foundation of everything we do. We hold these principles into account as the blueprint for recruiting and evaluations.


We believe that within the company, we are all leaders. We do not wait for instructions or pass our responsibilities onto others. We take ownership of our actions, get people around us involved, and do our best -without compromise in order to achieve the highest results.


Regardless of the type of employment (full-time, part-time, outsourcing), company (parent, subsidiary), position (manager, employee), job (engineer, back office) etc., we make ourselves equal to everyone as a partner to co-work with, and always maintain a mutual respect for one another.


We welcome all diversity such as age, gender, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation, and disability. We also support and are considerate to one another whenever anyone experiences any life altering circumstances such as childbirth, raising children, and elderly care. Doing so will add to our strengths.


As individuals who embody professionalism, we keep our awareness heightened by learning continuously. We perform all tasks with excellence, but always with humility, and without any trace of arrogance. Furthermore, we serve as catalysts to help those around us grow and advance.


Our behavior and speech are always in line with showing respect, trust and appreciation to others. All working relationships are carried out with trust. We do not seek anything in return beforehand, and aim to have a positive impact on all our surroundings.


We design solutions by thinking deeply from the perspective of our customers. We focus on their real needs, on pleasant experiences, and on ways to develop and provide these continuously.


We value feedback from our customers and from our teams. We are constantly improving with rapid speed by responding to feedback with a positive attitude. When we give feedback to others, we uphold clarity which leads to specific actions.


Output (sharing of knowledge) leads to Input (gaining the knowledge), which will lead to your ultimate growth. In order to effectively contribute to “the creative activities of all people”, we will continue to share descriptive and easy-to-understand information to society. We believe that our experience and knowledge could be helpful. We continue this activity in order to give something to the next generation.

Start small

We do not focus our energies on trying to figure out why we can’t do something. This pattern of thinking leads to wasted opportunities. We do not judge solely based on our past experience and knowledge. We always start small at first with curiosity and earnestness. Starting earlier, failing more, and always improving with rapid speed is our biggest strategy for survival as a company.


We enjoy challenges that accompany high difficulties, we do the jobs that people don’t want, and we see a change of environment as an opportunity for our own growth. In order to enjoy these things, we keep ourselves healthy both mentally and physically. We will speak and act in such a way so that everyone can enjoy their work.

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